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We do not provide routine or ongoing care.

Please do not overuse EDI’s emergency services. If we see a pattern of overuse, our Case Manager (ILRC) will contact you to identify the reasons and create a plan to address the issues. It is crucial that you talk with the ILRC, develop a plan, and report what you are doing to address the reasons you are overusing EDI’s services. If we find that you are overusing emergency services or do not communicate with the ILRC at least once a week (by phone or email), EDI may:

  • Delay when a staff person arrives to serve you;
  • Limit how much time a staff member will be available to work with you, and/or
  • Refuse to provide services to you.

The cost of EDI services*.

Whenever you receive services our staff will complete and review a Service Agreement form which documents the type and amount of services we provided to you. Your signature is required on the form. If you are unable to sign the form, you must give EDI staff verbal approval to sign for you.

Emergency services co-payments are billed at the rate of $15 per hour in increments of 15 minutes after the first hour. We do not accept cash as a form of payment. Pay by check or card at the time of service, or we can bill you by email or paper invoice. We accept payments electronically and over the phone.

Please note that EDI may suspend services to you if your balance due is $100 or more. If the cost to use our services is a financial hardship for you, you may apply for our reduced co-pay program on an annual basis. Find a link to the application form on the Easy Does It website or contact our office to request a paper copy be sent to you. If you need an alternate format or assistance completing the form, please contact us.

*Note: The cost of EDI Services does not apply to Independent Living Resource Coordination, Non-Emergency Wheelchair Accessible Transportation / Wheelchair Van Program (Vouchers), and Emergency Roadside Assistance (FASTER).

We cannot fulfill requests for a specific EDI staff person.

EDI strives to have a male and female staff person available at all times, and we will always try to accommodate requests for an attendant of a specific gender. However, due to Measure E contract requirements, we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet these requests.

EDI is committed to mutual respect between clients, staff, and the community.

You can expect EDI staff to be professional and courteous at all times. We know that people don’t always work well together so we will always respect your choice not to work with a specific EDI staff person, and EDI Management may decide it is best for one or more of our staff to not work with you. In either case, a “refusal” of one or more EDI staff people may mean our response time is delayed, or we might not be able to serve you.

EDI is committed to safety.

We will provide services to you if it is safe for you and our employees. Our employees must ask questions about your household COVID status, they must have access to adaptive equipment that functions properly and must use safe lifting/transfer techniques. We will work with you to find solutions to meet everyone’s needs. However, if you, your household members, or guests behave in ways that create a hostile or unsafe work environment for EDI staff, we may not serve you, either temporarily or permanently. Any verbal or physical abuse or threatening behaviors will not be tolerated. Report inappropriate EDI staff behavior to the Dispatcher at (510) 704-2111, the Program Manager at (510) 438-1641, or Executive Director at (510) 845-5513 or via email to immediately so that we can address it.

We are always looking to do better.

Your feedback is important to us and there are many ways you can tell us about your experience.

  • Client survey. We send a survey to users of our service once each quarter. If we have an email address on file, we will email it to you. If not, we will send it by mail.
  • We hold a Community Forum twice each year. Your involvement is encouraged as this is an opportunity for dialogue with EDI Management and the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors holds monthly meetings which are open to the public. Public comment is taken at the beginning of each meeting.

You can always send a message via our website, or call us at (510) 845-5513. Our business office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you have a complaint,

we would like to try to resolve the problem informally. If that doesn’t work, EDI has a formal grievance process. Find a link to the Client Grievance Form on the Easy Does It website or contact our office to request a paper copy be sent to you. If you need an alternate format or assistance completing the form, please contact us.

An EDI staff person will contact you soon after you use our services for the first time this fiscal year to ensure all of your registration information is correct and to review the contents of this letter with you. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (510) 845-5513.