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Easy Does It Emergency Services

Why We Are Here

Person walking a dog stands next do a person sitting in a wheelchair

Our Vision
A world where every person with a disability is able to direct their own care to live as they choose.

Our Mission
Provide seniors and people with disabilities non-medical emergency services and other essential support to enable and enhance independent living.

Our Story
The City of Berkeley is known worldwide as the birthplace of the Independent Living movement. In the early 1970’s, Ed Roberts successfully fought to make the University of California’s Berkeley campus accessible to himself and other students with disabilities. In the process, he started a movement that has spread around the globe.  Easy Does It was a natural outgrowth of this Independent Living movement.

EDI was launched in 1995 when Cecelia Weeks, a long-time advocate for Independent Living and Disability Rights, led a group of people with disabilities and their advocates in creating a nonprofit organization initially aimed at providing emergency backup attendant services.

In 1998, City of Berkeley voters approved Measure E, authorizing a property tax to finance services for “severely physically disabled persons”. To this day Measure E remains EDI’s principal sponsor, providing virtually all funding for the Attendants, Equipment Repair, and Emergency Transportation programs. As the recipient of the first Measure E contract, and every one thereafter, EDI would like to thank the City of Berkeley and its citizens for this indispensable support.

Over the years, EDI has added additional services including Routine Transportation (funded through Alameda County Measure B), Case Management (funded primarily through client fees), and Earthquake Preparedness (funded through government and private grants).

In 2019, Easy Does It inaugurated its FASTER program, providing rescue rides and repairs for people whose wheelchair or scooter have broken down during trips in Northern Alameda County (Albany, Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward and Castro Valley). This expansion is a newly formed partnership with the Alameda County Transportation Commission and funded through Measure B.

EDI employs approximately 30 highly trained attendants, drivers, technicians, and dispatchers, and is supported by our Executive Director, Program Manager, Case Manager, Office Manager, and Marketing and Communications Coordinator.