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Transportation Services

Eduardo Guiza

Transportation Manager

We provide two types of transportation: Demand Response Rides for routine transportation, and Resue Rides for emergencies. Our lift-equipped van can transport you (and/or your wheelchair, scooter, or other adaptive equipment) within Berkeley, or to a destination within a mile of the Berkeley border.

Demand Response Rides are available for any purpose Monday through Friday 8:30AM – midnight, and weekends 10:30AM – midnight. Please call us at 510 704-2111 an hour before you need service.

Demand Response Rides require Green or Orange van vouchers, issued by the City of Berkeley (https://www.cityofberkeley.info/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=3992, 510 981-5190). Before applying with the City, you first need to be certified eligible by East Bay Paratransit (http://www.eastbayparatransit.org, 510 287-5000).

We will be happy to help you through the certification and registration process – just give us a call at 510 845-5513.

Rescue Rides are available Monday through Friday 8:30AM – midnight, and weekends 10:30AM – midnight to meet unforeseen transportation emergencies. Whether your wheelchair has broken down out on the street, or you have just had to schedule an urgent medical appointment, we are there to help.

First Hour Minimum Every 15 Min. / After First Hour Reduced Co-Pay Participants
$15.00/hr $3.75 $7.50/hr