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How to Apply for and Receive BRSD Vouchers

If you're interested in using Easy Does It's pre-scheduled accessible transportation services, you will need to be eligible for the Wheelchair Van Vouchers through the Berkeley Rides for Seniors & Disabled program, which is made possible by the city of Berkeley. 

How to get signed up

Get Certified by East Bay Paratransit

Call (510) 287-5000 option 5
Download Form

Complete your application. Then, call their offices and select option 5 to schedule an eligibility interview. Bring your completed application to the interview. If approved, you'll be given a certification number, which is needed to apply for BRSD.

Apply for Berkeley Rides for Seniors & Disabled

Online Form Available
Download Form

You can download the application from the City website. Once completed either e-mail your completed application or mail it to, 1901 Hearst Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

Apply for Easy Does It Emergency Services

Vouchers Arrive By Mail
Apply Online

Once you've applied for vouchers it's time to apply for our service. Please be sure to include your Certification Number from East Bay Paratransit. Once your application has been processed, you will be sent an approval letter and van vouchers by mail.

Who's Eligible

Wheelchair Van Vouchers

  • Berkeley Residents
  • Anyone age 70 or over; OR
  • Anyone who is East-Bay Paratransit certified, of any income or age.

High Medical Needs 

  • Need to have a regular doctors appointment 2x a month (includes psychotherapy.)
  • Doctor verification form – completed and signed by applicant and doctor

Out of Vouchers? Here's when they show up.

BRSD provides 12 free van-ride vouchers (3 times per year) or a combination of van vouchers and taxi scrip to wheelchair users. Residents who travel by wheelchair and are certified by East Bay Paratransit requiring wheelchair-lift service are eligible for the program, regardless of age and income level.

First week of April

  • 12 Free Vouchers
  • $240 worth of Taxi Scrip

First week of August

  • 12 Free Vouchers
  • $240 worth of Taxi Scrip

First Week of December

  • 12 Free Vouchers
  • $240 worth of Taxi Scrip

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my expired vouchers?

No. We do not accept expired vouchers. The City of Berkeley will not accept expired vouchers for reimbursement. 

Can you send me more vouchers?

EDI is not the vendor and does not issue vouchers. You must contact Mary Triston at the Berkeley Senior Center for more vouchers.

Can I use vouchers to have drivers pick up my prescription or run errands for me?

No. We need a qualifying passenger transported in the vehicle in order to accept a ride voucher.

Can I submit a voucher later?

At the conclusion of a service trip, we are required to collect a ride voucher. You cannot submit it later.

How far in advance should I schedule my ride?

We can accept rides 7 days in advance, we must provide same-day service for all rides. Rides are based on availability so we cannot guarantee immediate service if a ride is booked at the last minute.

How far can I go with Medical Vouchers?

Medically-related rides include all of Berkeley and any destination within 15 miles of the jurisdictional boundaries of Berkeley. Including Oakland, Richmond, Walnut Creek, San Rafael, Fremont and San Francisco.

Still have questions? 

The Berkeley Senior Centers and BRSD Teams are here to help. If you haven't received your vouchers or have other questions about using them. You can contact The Berkeley Senior Centers or The City for answers.

(510) 981-7269