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Pre-Scheduled Accessible Rides

Serving Berkeley Residents

Berkeley residents who qualify for Wheelchair-van Vouchers through the City of Berkeley Rides for Seniors and the Disabled (BRSD) can take advantage of this service for routine transit needs, to get to stores, places of worship and medical appointments.

Rides in and around Berkeley

Call ahead at least 24 hours in advance and we can take you anywhere in  Berkeley and up to 15 miles outside of the city. You can use our van service for things like medical appointments, grocery shopping, or trips to community events.

Fully Accessible Vans

Our entire fleet is completely accessible to wheelchair users. All of them are Wheelchair Lift Equipped Ford Transit Vans. They are a safe, private and fully accessible way for you to travel. 

Accessibility Trained Drivers 

Our Team of Drivers are trained to help you safely board and exit our vehicles. They'll also safely secure you and your chair with straps and Over-the-Shoulder Seatbelts. We take every precaution to ensure your ride is as safe and pleasant as possible.


Berkeley Rides for Seniors and the Disabled is a free City of Berkeley supplemental transportation program for senior and disabled Berkeley Residents. It is currently the only way to pay for pre-scheduled rides through Easy Does It.

Pricing for Pre-Scheduled Rides

Once approved for Ride Vouchers, you can use them to pay for this service. One Ride Voucher covers 10 miles of travel.

High Medical need

Specifically for Doctors Appointments

1 / Voucher

  • For each ride
  • Covers 10 miles of travel or a fraction thereof

Wheelchair Van Program

For all types of Transportation

1 / Voucher

  • For each ride
  • Covers 10 miles of travel or a fraction thereof
  • Go to any type of destination

Hours of Operation

Our Drivers are On Call 7 days a week to ensure you have access to accessible transportation regardless of your schedule.

Start living as you choose

If you're ready to start taking advantage of free scheduled rides with Easy Does It, made possible by the Berkeley Rides for Seniors and Disabled Program, the first step is to Apply Online. Just answer a few short questions to verify your eligibility, then we'll review your submission and e-mail you the complete application.