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Emergency Attendant Care

Serving Berkeley Residents

Our emergency attendants are on standby to step in and assist Berkeley residents with severe physical disabilities who have an urgent need for assistance due to an unforeseen crisis or disruption in their regular in-home care support system.

Get Help Around the Home

Our Emergency Attendants are available 24/7 to fill in on a moments notice in the event of a lapse in care.

  • Transferring, ambulating, and mobility
  • Access to food and water
  • Bathing and Hygiene
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Toileting and Incontinence Care
  • Urgent cleaning and laundry
  • Assistance with self-administered medications

Male and Female Attendants

We strive to have both a male and female caregiver available at all times and we will always try to accommodate requests for an attendant of a specific gender. However, due to contractual requirements and variable staffing we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet these requests.

Emergency Care Only

Easy Does It's Attendants are intended to be called in Emergency Situations Only. Our team is not meant to replace a Full Time Attendant, which is why we also help you hire full time attendants.

Pricing for Emergency Attendants

We're contractually obligated to collect Co-Payments for Emergency Attendant Care. But if you qualify for our Reduced Co-Payments Program, we can take 50% off your hourly rate.

Regular CoPayment

Berkeley Clients are expected to cover a portion of the cost of their Emergency Attendant Care.

$15 / hour

  • Covers any and all services rendered by a Personal Care Attendant.
  • Billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour.

Reduced Co-Payments

If your Co-Payments are a significant financial burden, you may qualify for our reduced Copayment program, which cuts the cost of paid EDI services in half.

$7.50 / hour

  • Covers any and all services rendered by a Personal Care Attendant.
  • Billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour.
  • Must be below the Federal Poverty Line to Qualify.
Apply for Reduced Co-Payments

Hours of Operation

We always have at least one skilled attendant on call. No matter what time it is, our Emergency Personal Care Attendants are ready to assist you.

Start living as you choose

If you're ready to start taking advantage of Emergency Attendant Care with Easy Does It, made possible by the City of Berkeley, the first step is to Apply Online. Just answer a few short questions to verify your eligibility, then we'll review your submission and e-mail you the complete application.