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Easy Does It Emergency Services (EDI) is committed to mutual respect between clients, staff, and the community. However, we know that people don’t always work well together. Clients may request to not work with a particular EDI staff person, and EDI staff may request to not work with a particular client. EDI Management may decide that certain clients and staff cannot work together.

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If you are unable to fill out this webform, you can call our Urgent Dispatch Line and a Team Member will help you apply over the phone.

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Please tell us who you refuse to work with at Easy Does It.

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Refusal Specifics
Tell us why you want a "Refusal". We encourage you to be as specific as possible. Provide details like date, time, location and any "witnesses" to a particular situation. But your request will still be honored if you provide no reason or supplemental documentation. All these fields are optional.