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Apply for Reduced Co-Payments

For Current EDI Clients Only

Our Reduced Copayment Program ensures that anyone can afford to work with Easy Does It. If you fall under the federal poverty line and are a current Client of our Agency, fill out this form, provide income verification and start saving on your paid services.

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Find out if you're Eligible

We go off of the 2023 Federal Poverty Line Guidelines to determine eligibility for the Reduced Copayment Program. If your household makes less than the amount displayed, you're eligible for Reduced Co-Payments

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2 People


3 People


4 People


5 People


6 People


How much You'll Save

Getting approved for Reduced Co-Payments takes 50% off every paid service that Easy Does It offers. All we require is your contact info and two forms of income verification.

Per Hour


When approved for Reduced Co-Payments