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Easy Does It

Vital Services for Berkeley’s People With Disabilities and Seniors

Loan Program

Repair Services
Pick Up Equipment
Drop Off Equipment
$15.00/hr $15.00/fee $15.00/fee

Easy Does It offers adjustments and repairs for assistive devices such as wheelchairs, beds, and lifts used for activities of daily living. EDI has some equipment available for loan (i.e. wheelchairs, chargers, lifts).

This service is for emergency situations when other repair shops and resources are unable to provide help. An experienced technician will respond to the emergency repair call and get the client up and moving again! EDI  charges $15/hour for our repair services. In addition a $15 to pick up equipment and a $15 charge to drop off equipment when they are finished with equipment.

There is no charge for our AT Device Loan Program, unless the borrowed device is damaged or not returned within the agreed upon time-frame.