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Vital Services for Berkeley’s People With Disabilities and Seniors

Case Management

Kristen Spencer
Case Manager/SIL Coordinator

Our Case Manager can meet with you free of charge to discuss available community resources and provide a list of attendants currently seeking clients. To sign up for CM services, please call our office at 510 845-5513.

Also, on occasion a client may be contacted by our Case Manager, if frequent requests for routine attendant services from EDI indicate the need for assistance with organizing care.

Supported Independent Living Program

People needing more comprehensive assistance managing their attendant care may benefit from our Supported Independent Living (SIL) program.

Clients utilizing SIL services enter into an initial 90-day agreement with the SIL Coordinator, representing EDI. This agreement can be extended as needed.

SIL can:
  • Help Identify the level and type of attendant care needed
  • Help prepare a job descriptions
  • Take part in attendant hiring interviews
  • Provide detailed training on managing attendants
  • Provide ongoing assistance managing attendants
  • Help develop daily and weekly schedules
  • Help obtain funds from the Regional Center, IHSS, and other sources
  • Assist in managing attendant care funds

Initial In-office Consult Initial On-site Eval Attendent Visit Processing Fee Initial Deposit
No Charge $56 $28*/Hour $28/Payroll $500

*$13 Administrative Fee + $15 Attendant Wages (which may be increased at your discretion)