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Easy Does It Emergency Services

Repair And Equipment

Paul Blasenheim

Repair Technican

Easy Does It provides emergency adjustments and repairs for assistive equipment such as manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, patient lifts, beds and other equipment.

We have an experienced technician on call 7 days a week, and we pride ourselves on our ability to solve most equipment problems. Because demand for repair services is so high, we may not be able to fix your equipment the day you call, but we strive to restore your equipment to working order as quickly as possible.

In emergency situations, EDI has a limited number of wheelchairs, chargers, lifts and other equipment available for loan. The loan itself is cost-free so long as the item is returned undamaged. If you would like us to handle delivery and return, the cost is $15 each way.

Jody Elsworth

Repair Manager

Repair Services Every 15 Min. / After First Hour Reduced Co-Pay Participants
$15.00/hr $3.75 $7.50/hr