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Easy Does It

Vital Services for Berkeley’s People With Disabilities and Seniors

The History Behind Easy Does It

Our Mission

Easy Does It Emergency Services provides assistance to individuals with disabilities and seniors living independently in the City of Berkeley. Should a disabled person or senior experience an unforeseen crisis or a temporary lapse in attendant care, that person can call Easy Does It for assistance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide logistical and technical support for people with disabilities and seniors so that they can live their lives with dignity and liberty.  Knowing there is a safety net will provide our local citizens a level of confidence and security that will dramatically improve their quality of life.

Who We Are

EDI employs over 30 highly trained attendants, drivers, technicians, and dispatchers.  Our executive director, office staff, a program manager, and a case manager support our staff in the field.

Our Beginning

The City of Berkeley is known as being the home of the independent living movement. When Ed Roberts fought the University of California in the early 70’s to make the University accessible to students with disabilities, the independent living movement was founded. There are more people with disabilities living in and around the city of Berkeley than any other place in the world.

EDI was a natural off shoot of this movement.  Founded in 1994 by a group of people with disabilities and advocates for people with disabilities, the first goal was to create an emergency backup system for times when people were left without attendant support.  When an attendant is not able to make it to work a person with a disability (or an elder) can be left without the assistance needed to accomplish important daily tasks.

In 1998 the citizens of Berkeley passed Measure E, a ballot initiative which established a provision for services to assist people with disabilities. With this additional support we expanded our services to address equipment repair, transportation, and senior services.