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Easy Does It Emergency Services


FASTER can get you and your equipment home safely!

This free service gives emergency rides to those stranded with broken wheelchairs or mobility devices. 

Get Free Face Masks

We’re collaborating with Whirlwind Wheelchairs to distribute free face masks to seniors and people with disabilities.

Show your support

Your donation helps repair wheelchairs, send rescue rides, and provide attendant care services for our beloved community.

Any amount you can give supports our cause.

Thank you!

What’s New in June

Hello, Friends of Easy Does It! Summertime is once again upon us, and after the winter we just had, I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to getting outdoors and soaking up some sunshine. I look forward to breaking out the BBQ; brisket hits are a little different this...

Easy Does It Emergency Services is a nonprofit that provides emergency assistance to seniors and people with disabilities including: accessible transportation, in-home attendant care, case management, and equipment repair for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

We are proud to be founded and governed by people with disabilities and seniors who are passionate about meeting the needs of their community.

Covid-19 Response – Our services remain available and in compliance with California’s current Covid-19 curfew and business restrictions. However, there may be some delays in transportation services. Learn more on our Covid-19 information page.

Urgent Dispatch line – is open 24 hours a day, and our grassroots organization answers over 4,000 calls a year from people looking for safe, reliable, community-based support.

EDI wants to hear from you! – Contribute your feedback and ideas for improvement of EDI and its services. Learn more on our Contact Us page.

Attendant Services

Faster Program

Equipment Repair

Independent Living Resources

Response Rides

Disability Resources

See you at Berkeley’s Juneteenth Festival

See you at Berkeley’s Juneteenth Festival

Juneteenth is just around the corner; if you aren’t already familiar, it commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and is an opportunity to celebrate African American culture. Berkeley’s annual celebration is no exception; you can expect tons of...

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What’s New in May

What’s New in May

2022 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for EDI. Dear Easy Does It Friends, I hope this email finds you well. Spring happens to be my favorite time of year. Well, except for allergies. Those can be awful. But back to spring. It’s the time of year when my...

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April Board Meeting

April Board Meeting

Our Board of Directors Meeting is slated to take place on April 27th at 5:30pm. Due to COVID-19 and until further notice all meetings are held virtually (by Zoom and/or phone). Committee meetings are scheduled upon occasion and are also virtual. Meeting agendas with...

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