Urgent Dispatch 510 704-2111

Easy Does It Emergency Services

Easy Does It is a non-profit founded by people with disabilities and seniors to serve the crucial needs of its community. If you’re experiencing equipment failure or an unanticipated lapse in attendant care, you can our Urgent Dispatch line 24 hours a day. We answer over 4,000 calls a year from people looking for safe, reliable, community-based support.  

Free Face Masks! Easy Does It is collaborating with Whirlwind Wheelchairs to distribute FREE personal protective face masks to persons with disabilities who do not have access to such equipment. Click here to learn more.


Free Rescue Rides! If your wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility device breaks down while you are out and about, we can now provide assistance in most of Northern and Central Alameda County. Click here to learn more.

EDI’s COVID-19 Response

EDI is open to serve you. For a list of services we can provide and those we have had to temporarily suspend, click here.

EDI Staff and clients must now wear masks, which we will gladly supply whenever services are provided. Read more.

For what to expect if you are currently requesting services, click here.

We cannot completely eliminate the possibility of EDI staff carrying covid-19. We are doing all we can to minimize this risk, but the decision on whether to use our services under these circumstances is yours. Read more.

Additional information and resources are available on our COVID-19 page.

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